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  • Is it necessary to replace my brake pads periodically?
    When your brake pads are worn out, you should replace them. If you don't replace your brake pads on time, It will substantially reduce your stopping power. It puts your safety and the safety of those around you in jeopardy. If you don't replace your brake pads, your brakes will wear out your brake discs. It will wear them out and lead to more expensive repairs in the future.
  • What should I do if a fuse is blown?
    Always replace burned-out fuses with ones of the same amperage (written on the fuse). If a fuse continues to "blow," have the circuit professionally evaluated for flaws by our professionals.
  • If I don't change my oil, what happens?
    Your vehicle runs on oil, which is a lubricant. If you don't change your oil, it will brake down totally and leave a muck in your car's engine. Over time, this will wear down your engine, causing it to brake down considerably sooner.
  • When should I replace my timing belt?
    Timing belts need to be replaced between 60,000 and 120,000 miles depending on the car.
  • What does it mean when my "check engine" alert light comes on?
    Our Shree Kanishkaa Car servicing center manages your car's engine performance and emissions by several sensors and electronic components. The "check engine" light illuminates when one of these fails. Even though your car appears to be in good working order, it is critical to fix the problem to avoid long-term issues.

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